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3 January 2014

Today is “Divorce” Day

Following the Christmas festivities, sadly it is common for our family team to receive an increased number of new enquiries in relation to divorce or separation at this time.

This trend appears to be that Christmas is a trigger for spouses who feel that they cannot continue with the marriage any longer, although generally separation is something that couples have been contemplating between themselves for quite a while beforehand.

Often couples will have spent two weeks at home together during the Christmas and New Year period, which is often the only time of the year that so much time is spent at home together.  There is the added stress of many family gatherings with relatives having stayed overnight, often for periods of days.  There are additional strains of office parties and lots of alcohol consumption which can all play a part if there are already problems in a marriage.

Some clients see the start of a New Year as a symbol of a fresh start and often couples already considering separation will decide they will wait until the New Year, which suggests that the rise in separation at this time of year is not just down to the festivities.

Looking back over divorce petitions issued during 2013, our family team have noted that interestingly the most common date stated as being the date of separation is 1 January.

Unfortunately divorce is not easy at any time of the year, however at Steeles Law our family team strive to help you deal with the issues in an empathetic, cost-effective and timely manner.

If you are considering divorce or separation we would suggest that you seek independent legal advice at the earliest opportunity.  We see many clients who have consulted with friends who pass on the advice given to them, which is not always relevant.  In respect of divorce and family law matters, the outcome always depends on the circumstances of each case and therefore we would urge anyone about to embark on divorce or separation to take independent legal advice as everyone’s circumstances are different.

Emma Alfieri commented: “Couples are increasingly trying to reduce the costs of resolving their problems and dealing with their own divorce, as well as there being an increased number of couples willing to consider mediation.  Steeles Law offers fixed fee services, which help to provide certainty as to the cost of the divorce.  The costs of a fixed fee divorce start from £450 plus VAT.  In addition to this, Steeles Law can also offer fixed fees dealing with the related financial settlement.”

For further information or to arrange for a fixed fee appointment, please email family@steeleslaw.co.uk or telephone 01603 598000.