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    21 October 2014

    Parental involvement provision comes into effect on 22 October 2014

    Section 11 of the Children and Families Act 2014 will come into force on 22 October 2014 and will apply to all Children Act cases started on or after that date but will not apply to cases already going through the Courts prior to that date.

    The Ministry of Justice has been keen to bring this new law into effect where the family courts will presume that each parent will play a role in the life of their child. This emphasises the importance of children having a relationship with each parent.

    The Ministry of Justice is keen to emphasise that this provision is not about giving parents 50/50 of their children’s time or any new “rights” but about “achieving a culture change by making clearer the Court’s approach to these issues”.

    The introduction of Section 11 is intended to encourage parents to focus on the role that they each play in their children’s lives and also to be more focused on their children’s needs following separation. Section 11 will require the Family Courts to presume that each parent’s involvement in their children’s lives will further their welfare where it is safe to do so. The needs of the children, however, will always remain the paramount priority of the Courts.

    The family team at Steeles Law comments: “This is an important change in the law and will be welcomed by many parents who wish to continue to play an important role in their children’s lives. It is great news that the importance of both parents is now going to be properly recognised by the Courts. Family practitioners will be able to reassure their clients when they are representing them in Children Act proceedings that they have a valuable and important role to play in their children’s lives and that this will be the starting point for the Court”.

    For more information on how the Steeles Law Family team you and your family, please call 01603 598000 or email family@steeleslaw.co.uk and a member of the team will be happy to assist. Appointments are available in Norwich, Diss and London offices.

    *The information provided in this article is designed to provide useful information on the subject, not to provide specific legal advice.




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