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8 June 2020

Lockdown Diaries: personal development and a new way of working

In the first of our series of Lawyer lockdown diaries, Amy Taylor principal Solicitor from our Private Client team reviews what the 12 weeks of working in lockdown has meant to her and her clients.

The Government acknowledged early on during the Coronavirus Crisis that the justice system needed to continue running and listed Private Client solicitors amongst professionals classed as Key Workers. As such, our Private Client Team quickly adapted to ensure that whilst working remotely they were able to continue to service clients to the same high standards and regulatory compliance.

Covid-19 was a major shock to the world and quickly changed our way of working. Professionals have had to find new ways of communicating with clients and in some cases, as Amy explains, she has had to educate and assist some of her clients on new IT systems. Alongside providing legal services Amy Taylor tells us how she has picked up a few new badges for her sleeve whilst in lockdown:

  1. IT Tech Support –  for many lockdown has meant they have had to become first time users in the digital world. I have therefore been assisting clients to download and use Zoom, access WhatsApp video calling and finally use the Facetime function they never knew they had.
  2. Planet Saver – email has become a primary form of communication and clients are more willing to review documents as an attachment to an email than receive hard copies in the post, which speeds up the process and reduces paper wastage.
  3. Meteorologist – with a few open space signings under my belt, I have learnt to always check the weather! Nobody wants to prepare an affidavit of plight and condition for a signed Will that has rain smudges or grass stains where the document was blown around the garden during signing!
  4. Bring your kids to work day – my children have had to come with me on some of my signings (with prior approval from the client). As these appointments never take long, the children are quite content to sit in the car with snacks and an iPad while I do my job (windows open and car in view of course). My clients have commented on the joy they have experienced receiving an enthusiastic wave from the chubby hand of my chocolatey faced 4 year old and a polite ‘have a nice day’ from my 8 year old from the window – isolation has been very lonely for some and I am comforted to know that the children have brightened somebody’s day in some way.

Amy Taylor | Wills, Probate & Tax | Principal Solicitor | Diss | Steeles Law

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*The information provided in this article is designed to provide useful information on the subject, not to provide specific legal advice.

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