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    When Same Sex Relationships Break Up

    The law on dissolving a civil partnership mirrors that of divorce law with one exception: you cannot petition upon the grounds of adultery.

    The marriage of same sex couples gives the same legal rights as those of heterosexual couples.

    The Same Sex Couples Marriage Act of 2013, which applies in England and Wales allows;

    • same sex couples to marry in civil ceremonies
    • same sex couples to marry in religious ceremonies
    • enable civil partners to convert their partnership to a marriage, if they wish

    However, in the case of a same sex relationships break up, you cannot divorce relying on adultery, in law, adultery specifically relates to sex between a man and a woman. Your claims for all forms of financial help on dissolution are exactly the same as on a divorce between heterosexual spouses. Any children that you have during the marriage or civil partnership are treated in the same way as children of heterosexual married couples. This also applies to the rules on a pre-civil partnership agreement or a post-civil partnership agreement.

    Fixed Fee Appointments

    It is always advisable to have an initial chat with a Family Lawyer; this ensures you know your legal position and rights before proceeding. It does not have to be costly to take advice. Steeles Law Family team offer an initial fixed fee meeting for £100.00 plus VAT for up to an hour so that you can chat through any legal issues and raise any questions you have.

    Our family team are supportive and have a wealth of experience in assisting same sex couples in Norfolk, Suffolk, London and beyond. If you would like to speak to a member of the team about same sex relationships break up our specialist family lawyer will be able to advise you how to protect yourself and your family for the future, please contact Sally Harris or Sally Briggs in the Steeles Law family team who will be happy to help you via email using family@steeleslaw.co.uk or by calling 01603 598000.