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Nuptial agreements

In matters of the heart, it can pay to use your head and it’s not just celebrities, reality stars or Hollywood names who can benefit from a pre-nuptial agreement.

If a relationship does take a turn for the worse, you’ll be glad you had a pre-nuptial agreement in place to cover many of the practical aspects of your partnership.

Although not yet legally binding in the UK, pre-nuptial agreements are beginning to add ‘decisive weight’ to many court cases here. OK, seeking legal advice to discuss the end of a relationship at its very beginning isn’t the most romantic gesture you can make, but if your wealth differs significantly from your partner’s, you own properties other than the family home, or you have children from a previous relationship, a pre-nup may be an advisable course of action. Think of it as a safety net, an insurance policy.

You’re in this together

Importantly a pre-nuptial agreement must be fair to both parties or a court will disregard it. You can’t simply impose a pre-nup onto another party. Both must be prepared to enter into the agreement and each take their own, independent legal advice.

Before the Big Day

A pre-nuptial must be signed at least 28 days before the wedding, so to ensure we’ve addressed every last detail, please contact us at least three months before the Big Day. But don’t worry too much if you do miss the deadline, post-nuptial agreements are also becoming more common and it may not be too late to protect your assets.

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