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    Children matters

    When there are children involved, separation can become even more painful. Which parent should they live with, who will support them financially, and how much contact is each parent to be allowed?

    Thanks to our experience in this area, we’re perfectly placed to address your every concern regarding your children matters with empathy and understanding.

    Liaising with you closely, our family lawyers pride themselves on finding excellent working solutions to the issues of residence, contact and other, more specific concerns that cannot be agreed.

    Through mediation or negotiation, our aim is to resolve disputes amicably and, where possible, to avoid resorting to a court of law. However, when arrangements can’t be mutually agreed, a court may need to become involved to make the necessary orders.

    Solicitors will negotiate these matters on your behalf and often a solution can be fund when discussions are taken out the parents hands.

    Child Arrangement Order

    If you are unable to agree between yourselves at Mediation, you may need to consider instructing a solicitor to make an application to the court for a Child Arrangement Order. The focus of the law will be on what’s in the best interests of the child or children. A Child Arrangements Order commonly deals with residence and contact; equally, it can address more specific issues such as religion, choice of school and holiday arrangements. It can also prevent certain actions, such as moving away from the area.

    It is likely that any order will be a compromise for both you and your partner. A Court Order is binding but it is also inflexible. It will set out clearly the time the children spend with each parent including dates and times for handover and even arrangements where the children are to be picked up and dropped off and by whom.

    Working closely with other teams, we post article updates relating to Children matters including Child Arrangement Orders and Frequently asked questions.

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    2. Do mothers and fathers have the same rights?
    3. Parental Responsibility: What does it mean?
    4. Do Step Parents have Parental Responsibility for the children living with them?

    Following instructions

    In any dispute of this nature, we can only act for one side. Typically, we work with parents or guardians, but, increasingly, we are receiving instructions from step-parents and grandparents who also have certain legal rights. If you would like to discuss a Child Arrangement Order, please contact the Steeles Law family team who will be happy to help you via email using family@steeleslaw.co.uk or by calling 01603 598000.