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    Ownership of your property

    A point in our favour if you’re considering remortgaging, equity release, or a transfer of equity is the fact that we’re on the panel for the majority of high street lenders. When the consent of your lender is required, this is a key advantage.

    Although more straightforward than buying or selling, remortgaging, equity release or a transfer of equity are still daunting prospects. All can be complicated, and all need to be completed correctly. Whichever path you choose we’re perfectly placed to advise on the best course of action.

    Flexible service, fixed fee

    Much will depend on your age, circumstances and the reasons why you’re considering a change. Whether it’s to facilitate the funding of house repairs, holidays or first homes for children or grandchildren, or more to do with transferring ownership in cases of separation and divorce, we can provide experience, expertise and understanding throughout the process. All for an agreed fixed fee.

    In relation to…

    If your reasons for wanting to transfer equity are to do with divorce or separation, it may be an idea to also visit our family pages, likewise please check under wills, probate and tax for anything to do with property and estate planning.