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18 April 2019

Hadrian’s Wall Challenge: Blog

26 Miles: The Marriotts Way - An update from Fi on her and Alison's most recent training walk ahead of their Hadrian's Wall Challenge.


8:55am on Sunday, hail stinging our faces, we set off on our longest training walk so far, enthusiasm oozing out of me as you can see.


Themelthorpe Loop

Don’t mention the Themelthorpe Loop!  Having walked Marriotts Way on three previous occasions, you would think I wouldn’t get caught out by this section ….. I did.  Let’s just say there was much punching of the air and high fives when we saw the sign taking us back up onto the track and into Reepham!

Whitwell Station

Time for a comfort break, lunch and sock change.  The weather dictated us not stopping as long as we had intended, so with rain starting to fall, we once again started to wind our weary way back to the Fine City of Norwich.

With 6 miles to go, I gave Alison an effective demonstration of the dangers of exposed tree roots, only managing to stay upright by grabbing hold of her arm!  Hopefully her bruises will fade soon!!

Thorpe Marriott

Approaching Norwich, we were joined by three very welcome visitors in Denise and her lovely dogs Lexi and Ruby.  Their company and a flask of tea gave us the boost we needed to carry on and finish the walk.


Spurred on, we made it – yearning for warm baths and cold G&Ts.  We finally reached the end of the Marriott’s Way in a very impressive 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Stiff? Oh, yes, but mercifully in one piece.

Why are you doing this?

You may well ask. With 17 days until 3 May, Alison and I have been asking each other this question!

Then we think of all the fantastic work that our friends at the Community Sports Foundation do.  Frankly in order for them to keep doing that great work, they need money.  The thought that we can help gives us some comfort when we realise what a wonderfully stupid thing it is that we’re doing, walking 85 miles in 3 days. I use the word “comfort” here not in any physical sense, of course.

So please, can we make this appeal on behalf of our very, very sore feet that you to go to our fundraising page and give as much as you are able?

Honestly, all donations will be most gratefully received.