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    9 October 2020

    Employee settlement agreements: Where to start?

    In this very difficult time, many people are finding themselves presented with settlement agreements (sometimes referred to by their old name – compromise agreements), often due to redundancy situations occurring at their place of work.

    You will likely have been told that you need to take legal advice for the agreement, and your settlement agreements will set out that your employer will contribute to those legal costs. But are you unsure of what to do next?

    That is where our team at Steeles Law can help. We have decades of experience advising individuals on settlement agreements, and helping you understand the often complicated legal document you have been presented.

    Some of the key parts that we will be able to guide you on include:

    1. What impact waiving your right to bring claims will have;
    2. How your financial entitlement has been calculated, and whether you have the option to seek higher sums;
    3. What terms you would have to comply with, like returning all your company property, and keeping things confidential.

    We are able to meet with you, often the same day as you contact us, and are used to working to short deadlines in what we know is a stressful time for you. Equally, if you are not comfortable attending our office in the current climate, we are more than happy to arrange to advise you by phone or video call.

    For more information please see our essential settlement agreements pdf available to download:

    Redundancies: Should you use a settlement agreement?

    Contact us

    If you would have further questions regarding any of the points raised regarding employee settlement agreements or you wish to speak to a member of the Employment team, please do not hesitate to call 01603 598000 or email employment@steeleslaw.co.uk.

    *The information provided in this article is designed to provide useful information on the subject, not to provide specific legal advice.


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