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    News Category: Corporate and commercial

    • 2 November 2020

      Legal issues faced by online retailers

      Society has been making a move towards online purchases for a while now but with retail shops forced to close during the Coronavirus lockdown period this year, online retailers experienced a surge in demand as we were forced to adapt to lockdown living. We are also seeing traditional bricks and mortar retailers making the move to online retailing much more swiftly than normal. Read more

    • 21 July 2020

      The Problem of Late Payment, Long Payment Terms and What Your Business Can do About it

      As a small or medium business, you have probably come up against the significant issue of being paid late by your customers. You have probably also been forced to accept very long payment terms by larger businesses because of the imbalance of power in contract negotiations. Read more

    • 8 April 2020

      Force majeure clauses and Covid-19

      Many businesses concerned about potential disruption as a result of the coronavirus outbreak are reviewing their key contractual arrangements to understand potential contractual implications. Businesses must decide whether urgent actions to mitigate exposure are needed (such as avoiding performance of obligations or exiting the contract) and whether changes to existing business continuity plans are required. Read more

    • 24 July 2019

      Steeles Law encourages legal sector to take up the technology gauntlet

      The Lord Mayor of London used his annual speech at the Judges Dinner last week to encourage the UK Legal Sector to reignite its determination to pursue ways of using technology to improve the profession and, more pertinently, its clients’ experience. Read more

    • 16 April 2019

      What happens on the death of sole trader?

      Many small business owners will be surprised to learn that technically, on the death of a sole trader, the business dies too; any assets that are owned by the sole trader are part of the estate of the deceased for which probate must be obtained. Read more

    • 20 March 2019

      The dos and don’ts of data requests

      An individual's right to access information held about them (a Data Subject Access Request or DSAR) is a key element of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more

    • 24 January 2019

      Seeking a better deal for the small supplier

      Despite the ongoing political uncertainty in the UK, one thing we can be sure of is that 2019 is going to be dominated by Brexit (whatever form that might take) and, like most walks of life; the legal world will be affected by the UK’s departure from the EU. Read more

    • 25 October 2018

      Prevent, react, act… that’s the way to do it

      As we have seen recently, failing businesses can create massive waves up and down the supply chain leaving suppliers with significant bad debts. Read more

    • 22 August 2018

      Divorce and the family business – could the collaborative approach help?

      Divorce is rarely a positive experience but when there is a family business involved, the emotional and financial costs have a wider impact. It is generally best for everyone if the business continues in some way - it’s a valuable income generating asset after all. But how do you deal with the emotional pain of separation and keep the business running? Read more

    • 25 July 2018

      Q: I’ve got my own business as a sole trader – why would I need a Will?

      A: Even if your business is unlikely to continue in the event of your death, because it relies on your personal skills and expertise, chances are that you will still need Business Executors if you are still trading when you die. Read more