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News Category: Nuptial agreements

  • 23 June 2020

    Cohabiting Couples Q&A

    Cohabiting couples remain the fastest-growing family type in the UK, with many couples still believing that moving in together creates a common law marriage, giving you the same rights as if you were married. However, it is a common misconception that living together with your partner gives you ‘common law’ legal rights. Read more

  • 17 June 2020

    Family Law – getting to know your solicitor

    Going through a relationship breakdown can be an emotional and worrying time for the whole family, they can be a source of great emotional pain and grief. It is common to find yourself amongst the Google searches looking for ‘who are the best family solicitors near me?’ or ‘how do I choose a family law solicitor?’ Read more

  • 10 June 2020

    Child Arrangement Order Q&A

    When parents separate, it’s important to make sure child arrangements are in place which benefit the children and work best for them. Read more

  • 11 March 2020

    It may be Mother’s Day…but do they have the same rights as fathers?

    Mother's Day is well known for being a day to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers and everything they do for us. However, it is easy to assume that mothers have more rights over their children than fathers. Read more

  • 3 February 2020

    Planning a Valentines Day Proposal? What’s the legal difference?

    At this romantic time of year many couples choose Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to take the next step in their relationship and plan a proposal. Read more

  • 21 November 2019

    Cohabitee Awareness Week

    There is no such thing as a common law marriage. Read more

  • 11 November 2019

    Steeles Law recruits a new family law team

    We are delighted to announce that Sally Harris and Sally Briggs recently joined Steeles Law bringing over 25 years’ legal experience in the Family Law sector. Read more

  • 4 April 2019

    Family Law team offers free initial consultations throughout April

    Throughout April, the Family Law team in Norwich is offering free initial consultations for those seeking advice on divorce, separation, cohabitation and pre and post nuptial agreements. Read more

  • 12 March 2019

    Pre-nuptial agreements

    Not just for the rich and famous! Our pre-nuptial agreements FAQs are designed to help you, However, Steeles Law Family Law Solicitor will be happy to discuss any complex questions you have. Read more

  • 22 August 2018

    Divorce and the family business – could the collaborative approach help?

    Divorce is rarely a positive experience but when there is a family business involved, the emotional and financial costs have a wider impact. It is generally best for everyone if the business continues in some way - it’s a valuable income generating asset after all. But how do you deal with the emotional pain of separation and keep the business running? Read more