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    News Category: Employment

    • 5 November 2020

      Job Retention Scheme to be extended until March

      This afternoon, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (also known as the furlough scheme) will continue to operate over the Christmas period and into 2021. Read more

    • 25 October 2020

      Making redundancies: Advice for businesses

      As the furlough scheme comes to an end on the 30th October, many businesses are facing difficult decisions around redundancy. Our Employment Team has seen a rise in the number of calls received from businesses who want to ensure they are following a fair redundancy process. Read more

    • 23 October 2020

      Employment Law and Maternity Rights: After Maternity Leave

      In the 3rd and final part of our maternity-related employment law series, we consider advice for employers when welcoming employees back to work after maternity leave. Read more

    • 12 October 2020

      Employment Law and Maternity Rights: During Maternity Leave

      In the 2nd in our series on maternity-related employment law, we consider advice during maternity leave. Read more

    • 9 October 2020

      Employee settlement agreements: Where to start?

      In this very difficult time, many people are finding themselves presented with settlement agreements (sometimes referred to by their old name – compromise agreements), often due to redundancy situations occurring at their place of work. Read more

    • 5 October 2020

      Employment Law and Maternity Rights: Before Maternity Leave

      Birth rates for 2018/2019 were lower in comparison to previous year's however furlough and families generally spending more time together there is speculation that the birth rate may increase in 2020/21. Throughout history, baby booms have occurred as countries get back to normal after a crisis. However, experts counterbalance whether the coronavirus pandemic will have the same baby boom effect because of the financial commitment involved in raising a child, which may seem unfeasible for those who are struggling with money due to job losses.  Read more

    • 7 August 2020

      HR Survey for Businesses: How the pandemic has affected HR professionals 

      Our Employment Law Team recently launched an HR survey to understand how the pandemic has affected HR professionals in businesses throughout the UK. Read more

    • 3 August 2020

      Dealing with redundancy

      The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on many businesses, with the prospect of having to make redundancies unavoidable for many. Read more

    • 29 July 2020

      Covid-19: Returning Employees and Discrimination – problems to be aware of

      As the limitations of shielding are lifted and more and more employees are encouraged back to the workplace employers are having to address the competing challenges of providing a safe workplace, complying with government guidance as it changes after 1 August 2020 whilst ensuring so far as possible that there is no breach of existing discrimination legislation. Read more

    • 28 July 2020

      Returning to work: employee rights and coronavirus

      As many businesses begin to re-open and employees start to return to work, many workers still have concerns about how safe their workplace is during the pandemic. Read more