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    News Category: Dispute Resolution for Individuals

    • 17 November 2020

      Part of Caroline Flack’s estate to go to charity despite not leaving a Will – what can we learn?

      The TV presenter and radio host, Caroline Flack, sadly took her life earlier this year whilst awaiting trial for an assault charge after an incident with her former partner, Lewis Burton. She was probably best known for her roles on Love Island and the X-factor. Read more

    • 24 October 2020

      Contesting a Will: Q&A

      Unfortunately, the death of a person can lead to disputes over his or her Will or estate. Whatever the size of the estate, there is always the possibility of complex, emotional and drawn-out disputes regarding contesting a Will.  Read more

    • 19 October 2020

      Coronavirus: Rise in contested probate?

      In 2019 the Business and Property Court in London saw an all time high in the number of contested probate cases with the amount being almost double the number of cases in 2016. Whilst the latest figures for the second quarter of 2020 (April – June) show a decrease in the number of cases from the first quarter (88, down from 116) it is expected that following the Coronavirus pandemic this number is likely to increase again. ** Read more

    • 16 October 2020

      Q&A: In-app purchases and the Law

      The Covid-19 pandemic, particularly during lockdown, saw a higher demand on downloads and in-app purchases, in fact it was reported that Apple iPad downloads rose by 40% in comparison to the previous year. However, it is not just children that spend time playing or downloading online games, the in-app business is now reported to be a $380 billion global business. Read more

    • 3 October 2020

      Coronavirus: An update on advice for landlords

      This article provides an update to private sector landlords on how the recent changes in legislation affect them. Read more

    • 29 June 2020

      Coronavirus: Consumer Law and cancelled holidays Q&A

      Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many summer holidays have been cancelled or postponed. Read more

    • 12 February 2019

      Consumer Rights

      It is important to know your rights as a consumer and the best ways to deal with any issues you are faced with. Read more

    • 25 July 2018

      Knot in my back yard

      Japanese knotweed, the invasive plant which is notoriously difficult to remove, has been the subject of a recent Court of Appeal decision. Read more

    • 15 March 2016

      Cutting family ties: Ilott v Mitson

      We are often asked to prepare Wills by clients who do not wish their children to benefit from their death. This can be for a variety of reasons but it is usually because they have either fallen out, or have been estranged for some time. Read more

    • 14 July 2015

      Good Landlord Practice Series: Pre-action housing disrepair protocol

      As with all information pertaining to occupation of residential premises, the regulation of the standard of properties remains important, not only for the benefit of the tenant but also for the landlord. Read more