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    News Category: Services for you

    • 23 August 2021

      Silver Splitters: What you need to consider if divorcing when aged over 65.

      The rise of the so-called Silver Splitters over the last few years is an unfortunate fact of modern life.  For some, it can offer a whole new and exciting chapter, and for others, it may be a worrying and unsettling time.  Read more

    • 13 August 2021

      Wills and Shared Assets Q&A

      It is essential to have a Will for several reasons and in particular because you can ensure your interests are protected. Read more

    • 19 July 2021

      Covid-19: 19th July operating update and procedures

      Throughout the pandemic, the safety of our staff and clients have been paramount. While we are looking forward to welcoming staff and clients back to our offices with most of the legal restrictions lifted today, Monday 19th July, it is still possible to catch and spread Covid-19. Read more

    • 16 July 2021

      Workplace Age Discrimination: Q&A

      According to official figures from the Ministry of Justice and employment tribunals, age discrimination claims have increased by 74% in the past year. Read more

    • 13 July 2021

      Employment Law: Enforcing a money judgement Q&A

      If you win an employment tribunal and the respondent does not pay you can enforce a money judgement. In this Q&A, Denise Traube, answers frequently asked questions when faced with enforcing a money judgement following an employment tribunal. Read more

    • 12 July 2021

      Contested Probate cases continue to rise, but at what cost?

      Families are prepared to contest Wills despite the initial outlay in expenses, with over a quarter of Brits being ready to challenge a loved ones will, if they were unhappy with the contents. Read more

    • 9 July 2021

      What now for the housing market?

      House prices reached a record rise of nearly 9% in 2021 as the UK property market enjoyed a property boom. With the first stamp duty holiday deadline behind us, as of 30th June 2021, what does the housing market look like for the later part of 2021? Read more

    • 5 July 2021

      Focus on Family Law: How will the new No Fault Divorce Rules work?

      No-fault divorce is due to come into effect in England and Wales on 6th April 2022. It will be the biggest reform of divorce law in 50 years.  Couples will be able to get divorced without one person needing to blame the other for the breakdown of a relationship, for the first time. Read more

    • 18 June 2021

      Steeles Law announce partnership promotions

      Steeles Law is delighted to announce staff promotions to partnership level effective as of 1st June 2021. Read more

    • 11 June 2021

      How do I leave a legacy in my Will?

      Many families leave legacies to charity in their Wills and there are many reasons for this. Perhaps a charity that has supported a loved one, a community charity close to their hearts or couples that have no immediate family they wish to leave their estates to. Read more