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You could be a Head of HR dealing with a collective consultation for potential redundancies or TUPE, or you could be facing a tribunal claim from an employee. Maybe you’re the owner of a SME with an employee issue you’re unsure how to approach.

Familiar with problems in the workplace, few are better equipped to resolve the issues involved than our team of specialist employment lawyers. Highly reactive, we’re prepared to work around the clock to resolve your issue, no matter how tight the deadline.

A new partner

What we bring to the boardroom table is a risk-based understanding of the legal issues involved. With particular expertise in the manufacturing, education and motor sport sectors, our lawyers have real world, real time experience and will work 24/7 to resolve the issue. And if you’re a small business owner without the time to decipher the language of employment law, please contact us, we’ll happily translate.

360° flexibility 24/7

Already prepared to work all-hours, our flexibility extends to our pricing. From fixed fees agreed upfront, to hourly rates and retainer helplines offering full support at a controlled cost.


Keeping pace with developments in employment law is key for any large business. To help give your managers a better understanding of the issues involved, we can work collaboratively with your in-house HR to deliver in-house training on how the law currently operates in areas such as disciplinary and grievance handling, or the Equality Act 2010.

Click here for further information on the employment training offered by our team.

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