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    The fact of the matter is, all companies require contracts. Whether complex agreements for specific circumstances, or basic terms and conditions for daily use, we have the experience and expertise to provide easily understood advice at every stage of the contract formation process. Clarifying the risks involved in any relationship, and guaranteeing you guard against them.

    Helping you identify, limit, and close any legal loopholes, we can future-proof your contracts against potential disputes; and where a situation has already become difficult, our dispute resolution team is on hand to provide pragmatic commercial advice.

    Always part of the team

    You may well handle contractual issues internally. If so, we’re more than happy to work as an honorary member of your team to ensure everyone is up-to-date with latest developments, and reminded of key principles. If required, we can also deliver training, either online or in person.

    We’re big on the small print

     Entering into contracts is a necessity for all businesses. Whether they are entered into formally in writing, or verbally, businesses would be unable to function if they did not contract with other businesses and, of course, with customers. Contracts are used to cover hundreds of scenarios across all industries. Each scenario will have its own unique set of issues and risks. Our essential guide to Contracts covers the basic issues to be considered when entering into a business contract.

    What is the Contract for?

    It may be that you are providing services, or perhaps you are purchasing goods. Whatever the contract is for, you are likely to be subject to obligations either to pay or to perform, or a mixture of the two. You need to be clear as to what is being provided under the contract and what each party is expected to do. You should set this out in as much detail as possible.

    Our business law team has over 20 years’ experience dealing with contract law, work highlights include.

    • Supplier and procurement contracts (including e-commerce)
    • Agency and distribution agreements
    • Commercial contracts to use payments under the Apprenticeship Levy
    • Advising on a “preferred supplier” contract for temporary labour
    • Bespoke commercial agreements for a manufacturer developing a new product
    • Sports and sponsorship contracts

    To speak to a member of our commercial team for further legal advice regarding entering and preparing new company contracts, who will be happy to assist, please email commercial@steeleslaw.co.uk or call 01603 598000.