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Saving Care Fees

Many people are concerned at the prospect of having to spend all their money on paying for care in their old age and leaving their children with little or no inheritance.

Even if leaving an inheritance is not a priority, you may be concerned as to how you may fund your own care, protect your independence and dignity in old age and avoid being a burden on your partner or family.

If you are unable to look after yourself, and you require care either in your home or in a residential home, your Local Authority will assess your care needs and your financial needs. If you have capital of more than £23,250 (which can include the value of your home), you will not receive any financial help whatsoever from the Local Authority.

If one of a married couple goes into care, and the other remains living in the house, the local authority disregards the value of the house when assessing the contribution to care fees.

However, if one of a couple dies and the house passes to the survivor, who then goes into care, the whole of the value of the house will be available to pay for care fees. This can be avoided and we can offer advice on how to achieve this.

Assets may also be “protected” by disposing of them e.g. by gift into trust, but you should take advice on the tax and other consequences before making gifts.

At Steeles Law we understand that issues such as these can be worrying, which is why we have specialists who can help you figure out what is best for you.

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