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Advance Decisions

Advance Decisions are not usually something people talk about, but having one can be just as important as having a Will.

An Advance Decision (often known as a "Living Will" or "advance refusal") is a written statement allowing you to indicate that in the event of terminal illness, mental incapacity or permanent unconsciousness, you do not wish to be kept alive by artificial means, or to have your life prolonged by certain medical treatment.

You can also state the types of treatment you wish, or do not wish, to receive, although you cannot insist on a particular treatment or force a doctor to withhold basic hygienic treatment.

At Steeles Law we would always recommend that you consider an Advance Decision as it can help your family, friends and the medical profession with difficult decisions about medical treatment, as they will know what your wishes are.

Before making an Advance Decision, we advise you to discuss it fully with your GP, who will explain the nature and effects of refusing treatment. You may also want to discuss your plans with your family or friends.

When you have made your decision, we can prepare the document according to your wishes.

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