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Children Matters

Separation is difficult for every couple, particularly when there are children involved. Our family team will work with you sensitively to find solutions to issues like residence and contact, helping you to come to as friendly an arrangement as possible.

When getting divorced or dissolving a civil partnership, the court will require you to clarify how any children will be cared for, including where the children will live and how they will be supported financially. If you are unable to agree the arrangements, then it might be necessary for the court to become involved. Below are some of the orders that can be made:

Residence orders

As the name suggests, a residence order decides who your children will live with. The order may be in favour of one parent or both.

Contact orders

A contact order allows you to ensure that contact is maintained between your children, their parents and also other relatives.

Prohibited steps or Specific issue order

These orders can be helpful where parents cannot agree on a certain issue involving a child, for example, choice of school, the child's name and holiday arrangements.

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