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North American businesses trading in or with the UK face unique challenges.  The similarities between our countries and legal systems can often mask some essential differences in the way in which business is done and how the law applies, which can have a critical impact on the success of any business.  With increased regulation of business practices on both sides it is essential that any business looking to cross the Atlantic does so with their eyes open.

At Steeles Law we have a dedicated Anglo-North American practice, which draws together specialists from across the company’s areas of practice.  Our team of multi-skilled lawyers offers technical and focused legal advice for all legal issues facing North American businesses trading in or with the UK and Europe as well as economic, commercial and cultural insight into the region.

We work with a wide variety of North American businesses from small enterprises entering their first European distribution agreements, through to established multi-national listed companies restructuring their European operations.

The team is used to working closely with overseas managers and Counsel to provide local advice and assistance to ensure that business objectives are met efficiently and in compliance with all local rules and regulations.

Where other professionals are required, the team can bring in expert advice from our extensive network of qualified contacts as necessary.

"The firm represents many US clients investing in the UK."

- Legal 500 2013

Key Contacts

Richard Bailey

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Michael Fahy

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Nigel Lubbock
(Director and Notary Public)

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